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Can this type of forest help combating China´s smog problem?



China has started constructing vertical forests in cities to help combat pollution.

In previous decades, Chinese policy-making has mainly been concentrated around sustaining economic growth and raising living standards and less on environmental issues. But not anymore. In recent times China has risen to become more of a global leader in the work of combating the severe impact of air pollution on health and to help fight climate change.

China has among other things been shifting away from its reliance on coal, which according to government statistics accounted for 65% of its energy in 2015. In 2016 for example, China decided to stop building 103 coal-powered power plants that were in the construction or planning phase. Instead, China is embracing the circular economy and investing more in green energy.

Moreover, to help combating the severe smog problem China´s cities face, China is currently building vertical forest that will produce 60 kg of oxygen a day, as you can see in the video above provided by World Economic Forum.

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The towers will consist of more than 1,100 trees and 2,500 plants and will absorb up to 25 tons of Co2 every year. Some studies suggest that an extra 10% of green space in cities could help combating climate change. With China already planning more vertical forests, the future is indeed starting to look much greener.

Picture by: Patrick Bombaert


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