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OIL WORKSHOP – Anticipating the future

14. mars 2018 @ 10:00 - 15:00 CET

Exclusive Invitation to our Workshop 14. March 

Anticipate the future!

Collaboration skills & tools that sustain & add value to your business!

We are living in an age where social, environmental and economic goals coincide. Decision makers from both the public and private sector today realize that social problems represent both daunting constraints to their operations but also vast opportunities for sustainable growth.

Business will need to focus their strategy on ways to achieve the dual objective of innovating to meet society’s needs and build a profitable business. Within our societies and in our interconnected world, partners from different sectors can benefit from working more closely together. This is also expressed in the aspirations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Partnerships, when done well, bring the ability to achieve more with less, to combine resources and find innovative solutions, to leverage others’ unique competencies and achieve win-win outcomes, and to tackle intrinsically multi-sector challenges.

Louise Kjaer (Denmark), CEO and founder of KJAER ADVICE, will in this workshop challenge your thinking and inspire you to aim for the future. Louise is an international strategic partnership specialist widely acknowledged for her expertise in forging innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships between businesses, the public sector and private organizations – thereby creating shared value for everyone involved.

Content of the workshop

The workshop will share a rich amount of state-of the art examples of cross-sector partnerships from across the world – representing different sector-specific themes, ranging from Water and energy, to food, ICT or transportation. Participants will learn about

SCOPING OPPORTUNITIES: You will learn about spotting new opportunities that either solve problems or improves your company’s ability to better reach end-users, new or existing customers.

IDEATION: You will be inspired to find new creative solutions that involve more competencies than you yourself possess. Shared value creation is about teaming up with partners to jointly achieve more!

HOW TO PARTNER:  You will be introduced to the philosophy of ’partnering’; first-hand knowledge, understanding and skills of how to work effectively in cross-sector, multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Learning objectives and expected gains for the participants

  • Understanding the rationale for, and risks of partnering; when to partner and with whom.
  • Appreciation of the drivers, societal roles and mindset of each sector.
  • Understanding of the essential processes of partnering.
  • Gain access to a range of tools to develop and manage partnership.

The workshop will include exercises. Be prepared for a great learning experience with one of Europe’s best change agents and true partnership facilitators.

Please note that this workshop is facilitaded for members of open Innovation Lab of Norway. For questions please contact leader of Open Innovation Lab of Norway Truls Berg tel 900 26 806



14. mars 2018
10:00 - 15:00 CET
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