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16. november 2017 - 17. november 2017

INTRAPRENEURSHIP is an ATTITUDE – not a department

Open Innovation Lab of Norway invites its members to a 2 days Workshop hosted by Center for Creative Leadership.

Open Innovation Lab is all about sharing best practices and know that results come from a community of great minds that do not think alike.

Innovation is fast becoming a strategic priority but even though senior executives are talking about the importance of innovation most of them are struggling to make it a reality in their organizations. More Intrapreneurs are needed and they need tools to succeed.

So how do you create leadership for innovation in your organization, and how can we help the intrapreneurs succeed?

The Center for Creative Leadership, CCL®, a top-ranked global provider of executive education. For the fourth year in a row, CCL ranks No. 4 overall in the Financial Times worldwide survey of executive education. CCL offers what no one else can: an exclusive focus on leadership education, research and unparalleled expertise in solving the leadership challenges of individuals and organizations everywhere. CCL will in this workshop take us through a two-day programme focusing on what it takes to create a successful innovation leadership culture.

It will be an intense and practical workshop on innovation that starts where typical creativity workshops end by asking “How do we successfully implement an innovative idea?” Ideas are the easy part, but they don’t sell themselves or implement themselves. You will learn how to use leadership to connect and champion innovation.

Highlights of the workshop include a toolkit you take back to work:

• working on a plan for your Innovation project

• having a look at your innovation network

• practicing your pitch with voice analytics

• understanding your innovation preferences

The overall learning objectives for the workshop are:

• understand how you create a winning strategy of innovation
• understand how leaders best foster a culture for innovation & and formulate actions to drive innovation in your company

The workshop will include lots of experiential exercises. Be prepared for two fun filled learning days guided by inspiring CCL facilitators

Thursday 16th of November 2017 Day one will be about the steps for defining your strategy for leading innovation Why do we kill new ideas?
Designing your Leadership for innovation Innovation culture vs operating culture Innovation design through the Canvas concept Polarity management
CCL research and key lessons on innovation leadership

Friday 17th November 2017 Day two will be about you as a leader, and how your leadership style impact the innovation strategy and your people

MY Innovation mindset Change Style Indicator Your responses to change and how it connects Challenging assumptions Pulling it all together!

Ingar Skaug, Chairman of CCL’s Board of Governors CEO in Wilh. Wilhelmsen for 20 years, Skaug lead a company with more than 18,000 employees and offices in 71 countries. Under his leadership, the company instituted many pioneering leadership practices related to employee empowerment, diversity, environmental responsibility and innovation. Wilh. Wilhelmsen’s value-centered approach is based on the conviction that creative and motivated employees are the key to competitive advantage.

Bert de Coutere, Innovation Designer, Center for Creative Leadership CCL Bert has been active in the field of corporate learning and e-learning for the last 15 years, first as instructor and course designer, later as project manager, consultant and business development manager. He worked at IBM Learning Development Europe where he was responsible for commercial e-learning development projects across Europe, and the management of the learning innovation initiatives. He then joined the Center for Creative Leadership as a solution architect, designing custom leadership development experiences for Fortuna 500 clients. He currently oversees the Driving Results through Innovation Leadership initiative and innovation knowledge management and IP initiatives in CCL EMEA.
Tone S. Ringstad, Strategic Business Associate, Center for Creative Leadership, CCL For over twenty years, Tone has worked with leaders and been a leader in large international corporations in Norway and Europe. She has been part of the exploration team and the management team in Exxon, Director of Global HR and Organisational Development in Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines and a partner in Dinamo, for four years. Her speciality is working with values, culture and living the brand in marketing and communication. Tone has now for ten years been founder and manager for Values@work, a boutique consultancy delivering values driven leadership, cultural transformation and team development. She is an also entrepreneur and founder of the tech startup Culturengine.



16. november 2017
17. november 2017
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