Jennifer Vessels, the experienced CEO of well known Silicon Valley advisors Next Step (  was recently in Oslo for meetings with clients and development of a new program for some of Norway’s  leading innovators.

jvessels300x228Jennifer’s vision is for Norwegian entrepreneurs to  have easy access to Best in Class  tools for growth as well as access to a strong international network.  Her firm, Next Step, in co-operation with Movation provides a path to help Norwegian entrepreneurs and innovators to succeed on a global scale.

Jennifer observed an increase in energy and passion among  Norwegian entrepreneurs and almost felt  Silicon Valley vibrations in Oslo.

Many Norwegian companies regardthe U.S. market as the best opportunity for global sales expansion and profitability. Jennifer, how successful is Norwegian companies with this in the U.S.?
– It turns out, according to NVCA statistics show that only 5% of them are successful in creating revenue and gain market share in the first year. The interesting thing here is that those which make it past the first year, seem to have strong record of steady growth in the following 2 – 5 years.

So how can you be successful in the U.S. market?

-The Norwegian markets have to at least be aware of and avoid the 5 biggest mistakes for global expansion which is:
1. Underestimating the requirements for success.
2. Lack of focus on the ideal market segment
3. Do not have a compelling value proposition
4. Go it alone without fully leveraging US partners and alliances
5. Inneffective sales execution.

Read the whole 5 reasons for failure in global expansion

Trough awareness of these common mistakes and making pans and developing the relationships required to overcome these fallacies, savvy business executives and entrepreneurs can leverage the opportunities today to develop a US revenue stream within 18 months. Next step, based in Silicon Valley provides practical consulting services in sales, marketing and people development The team of 40 seasoned professionals with extensive global experience is proven to deliver real revenue results for nordic companies expanding into the US.

So if you were an aspiring entrepreneur that was already well into the US market, but were missing out on important competence or resources in several areas, what would be needed from Next Step for success?

Next Step can provide as many or as few resources as needed to help emerging companies grow – ranging from marketing to sales assistance and/or help in recruitment of US based employees. We provide what you need to become a successful business.

What other resources are available for larger companies or groups of entrepreneurs who wish to learn best practices for long term growth?
Next step offers a broad range of education programs including hands-on workshops on topics ranging from networking to marketing. These are all modular and specfic needs can be met in a ‘Lego-like’ manner.  The workshops are facilitated by consultants who have lots of experience working with companies in Silicon Valley – including Google, Cisco, Adobe. Genentech and others…

Where is the Courses offered and who is it for?
Workshops can be offered ‘in-country’ in Norway or other European locations or in the US. Follow-on sessions are often offered via web-conference and/or video.  The important part for globalization is the value of building a solid network you get by question / answer, listen to the ideas of others like collaboration, co-creation and open space. That’s the whole point of going to classes and be present there!
Next step provides practical, real world based workshops and consulting services for entrepreneurs, smaller companies with 10 employees or large companies that need help with innovation section.

Jennifer Vessels is now writing good articles for and has conducted numerous workshops and speeches on topics related to company growth and expansion. She will return to Oslo the week of 26th August to participate in Movation and First Tuesday events – speaking about trends and developments in Silicon Valley….


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