The world’s first and fastest live 4.5G network

TeliaSonera Norway and Huawei today announced the world’s first and fastest LTE Advanced Pro (4.5G) mobile network over a live commercial network in Oslo, Norway. This is an important milestone towards next year’s expected commercial availability of 4.5G.

(Image: Picture taken during the live demonstration.)

– What we witnessed today is only the beginning of the 4.5G era of wireless communications, where 1Gbps will be the new mobile broadband network rate benchmark, says Mr. Yang Chaobin, CMO of Huawei Wireless Product Line.

HD voice, ultra-high definition video, smart home solutions and smart health applications are rapidly emerging. At the same time, the increasing number of connections and the need for higher speeds mean that we urgently need an even more advanced technology than today’s 4G. With the introduction of 4.5G technology, operators will be able to improve the user experience and support the increase of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as new mobile Internet applications, such as VR glasses and drone technology.

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