– I started Kahoot because I had a dream of combining game shows, like you see on TV, with playing in the same room and making something educational, Games Professor in Residence Alf Inge Wang said. 

The app, and online quiz system, which was developed at NTNU, let´s people of all ages create, play and share fun learning games for any subjects.

With the teachers as the role of a game host, the Kahoot platform introduce a multiple-choice quiz onto a whiteboard or screen at front of their classrooms.

– Of the 55 million elementary and secondary school students in the United States, about 20 million used Kahoot last month, The New York Times writes.

Watch the interview with Professor Wang below. The movie is presented by Teknologihovedstaden Trondheim.

The Kahoot! platform and brand is developed by the founding team lead by Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker and Morten Versvik. The quiz is based on research carried out by Professor Alf Inge Wang and his colleagues at NTNU.

Read last week interview with Gunnar Bovim, headmaster at NTNU.



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