Hyperloop is faster than a passenger plane and it´s coming to Europe

US Company Hyperloop One recently struck a deal to connect Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Hyperloop, which concept was first proposed by Tesla and- SpaceX-founder Elon Musk back in 2013, is design to travel 1,200 kilometer an hour. The passenger pods will travel inside tubes with very low airpressure, which reduces friction.

The first European Hyperloop is due to build in Czech Republic second largest city, Brno, The city is an important international crossroad of the region, currently serving over 50.000 passenger a day. First step towards a plan to connect Europe together by Hyperloop. is to connect Brno to Prague and Bratislava.

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However, the European system is not the only system being tested. Hyperloop is also developing a system in the United Arab Emirates., Canada and Russia.

The technology is still under development, but if implemented successfully, it will be the fastest transport system to date, including planes – turning a 1,5 hour train ride into just 10 minutes.

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