Dealing with Change and Achieving New Horizons

Get insight in the lates trends that will affect your business and how to deal with them. In collaboration with Next step US

 1. “What are some of the changes during 2012 that could affect my business?”

The uncertainty level of the market and revenue predictions increased 3% in 2012. Best-in-class companies saw a 4% drop in both deal size and sales team achievement of sales quotas. Sales forecasting accuracy dropped by 8% according to Aberdeen Group’s 2012 survey results – which are consistent with what we hear from clients across all industries.

2. “What are some tips for dealing with these changes?”

During periods of uncertainty the effectiveness of the sales team in developing and closing business is critical. The Aberdeen Group’s 2012 study showed:

1. That publicizing sales metrics increased by 5%
2. An increase in on-the-job coaching by sales management
3. An improvement of sales training effectiveness
4. That structured mentoring/coaching increased by 65%
5. That defining and measuring sales competencies for each
role increased by 26%

Challenge for Nordic Companies Today:

From energy to defense, automotive, communications and life sciences, Nordic researchers and engineers have made great contributions on a global scale. However many great Nordic innovations go unrecognized and unknown. In fact, studies have shown that less than 10% of Nordic entrepreneurial companies achieve commercial market introduction and an even smaller percentage of Nordic companies achieve global market share dominance.

Solution / Program Description:
Global market penetration and success starts with a clear understanding of the entrepreneur / executives’ identity, goal setting, then definition / communication of the company or solutions’ value, message and brand. To assist Nordic entrepreneurs, businesses and innovators attain success, Silicon Valley-based Next Step (in conjunction with Strategic Business Insights and Values@Work in Norway) has defined an integrated development program to provide education, practice, feedback and opportunities for global market exposure for Nordic entrepreneurs, researchers, new product development personnel within corporations and students.
Through completion of the full nine-month program, participants will learn and gain confidence in using excellent business communication skills including pitch presentations to potential investors. This is to overcome the clear weaknesses in personal presentation /communication skills and very negative impact of this on global expansion – as our team has observed of Nordic business people in Silicon Valley and across the US.

This six session training program integrates networking, collaboration with peers and mentors and real world experience across a nine-month period.
Each of the six training sessions will provide interactive learning and practice and provide pairing of participants with ‘peer buddies’ for collaboration and networking between the workshop sessions. Feedback will be provided by the peers and international facilitators throughout the program.
Optionally, depending on the participating companies’ interest in and opportunities for possible US expansion, one session can be offered in Silicon Valley in conjunction with networking and additional educational opportunities.

This program is designed to maximize Nordic companies and entrepreneurs ability to achieve ‘new horizons’ and global business success.
Target Audience: This program can be offered ‘in house” for corporations seeking to build an entrepreneurial culture and new product offering or for incubators needing a differentiated offering for entrepreneurs. Alternatively, it can be offered ‘publically’ with individuals attending on their own or sponsored by their company, university or investor group. Specific audiences for which this program is applicable include:

  • – Entrepreneurs successful at initiating their business and wishing to scale it for greater commercial success.
  • – Intra-preneurs within corporations chartered within defining new products, businesses or potential acquisitions / partnerships to expand into new markets or revenue streams
  • – Researchers or students who wish to develop technologies into future commercial products, solutions and companies.
  • – Investors, professors, incubator managers and / or service providers needing new approaches to increase the value of their portfolio companies and their own personal success in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will be prepared to:

  • – Gain clarity of company / solution and current market position.
  • – Define and build clear company goals and working plan for achievement to deliver long term value to stakeholders on a global basis.
  • – Develop a differentiated and compelling value proposition and message to communicate the benefits of solution to the target market across international geographies.
  • – Create a brand image based on company culture and desired market position.
  • -Develop and conduct impactful, attention-getting presentations of the solution and value to the target audience (potential customers, investors, company stakeholders and others as required).
  • -Initiate and leverage most effective marketing media to generate interest in company /solution – with prospective customers, investors and/or partners.
  • – Identify, evaluate, then build and implement plans to exploit global opportunities for growth.
  • – Expand awareness of personal strengths, “what’s in it for me” for growing the company and build a personal vision.

Program Structure:
This program is built using Next Step’s unique training methodology which is proven to deliver real ‘bottom line’ company results. It is comprised of six training sessions – three in person one day sessions and three ninety-minute web-based training using WebEx. The program will start with values assessment through personal input from each participant.
During the program, participants will work with an assigned ‘buddy’ – a peer from another organization / perspective who is also participating in the program. The ‘buddies’ will be required to collaborate with one another between the workshop.

Training Program sessions, thereby developing collaboration skills and a network for ongoing support after completion of the program. At the conclusion of each of the workshop sessions, participants will be given a ‘field assignment’ which will requires application of the skills / knowledge gained in the training session to their own company and product – with demonstration of completion provided back to the program facilitators and their assigned ‘buddy’ prior to the next training session.
Feedback will be provided to the participants by the program facilitator, as well as their assigned buddy. By reviewing the participants’ completed field assignments between workshop sessions, the program facilitators will be best able to adapt the upcoming workshop sessions to provide reinforcement for concepts as required.
Each program is limited to a maximum of sixteen participants pre-qualified by program sponsors.

Program Overview:

  • – Pre-work: Completion of a pre-session data gathering survey, values mapping, and submittal of background information on the company / product idea.
  • – Session One – One day in-classroom training session. Key topics include clarification of ‘present state’ defining a plan for growth, understanding the market to identify idea target market on a global basis and goal setting.
  • – Session Two – Web-based training session. Key topics include building a business plan to achieve goals and requirements for development of a compelling value proposition. It will also include instruction on creation of a personal values map for review with mentor (as part of fieldwork).
  • – Session Three – One day in-classroom training session. Key topics include clarification of personal mission, developing a value message and creation of a company / solution brand.
  • – Session Four – Web-based training session. Key topics include validation of brand and components of an effective presentation.
  • – Session Five – One day in-classroom training session. Key topic is delivering a compelling presentation with effective call to action.
  • – Session Six – Web-based training session. Key topic is development of an effective marketing plan (locally, regionally and globally), including personal business development plan, including criteria for evaluation of success.
  • – Post-program Success Session – Web-based training session to review and reinforce application of learning by participants since completion of the program.

Training Program
Between each of the sessions described above, all participants will be required to complete Field Assignments, participate in a “Buddy Review Session” and submit demonstration of completion of Field Assignments to Program Facilitators. In addition, Program Mentors will follow up and support personal development.
How “Achieving New Horizons” is Different:

In each of the Nordic markets today, universities, research institutes and private or public innovation organizations provide some element of training, support and resources to entrepreneurs, company executives, researchers and students. This program is designed to complement these current resources. Uniquely Achieving New Horizons includes:

Diversity of participants across all Nordic countries – allowing greater interaction and idea exchange as well as global network development.
Integration of learning (workshops), collaboration with another participant from a diverse background, networking and global connections.
Greatest impact long term is development of network, confidence and global market awareness and experience. Developed using proven content and design used successfully for global expansion by Cisco, Adobe, Tandberg and other international enterprises and facilitated by executives with hands-on global business expertise. Incorporation of individual personal development, including definition of personal mission and values position to support personal goal achievement through current and future global business opportunities.

Why this Program:
Program developers collectively have global business experience in Nordic brands and leadership development and assisting Nordic companies with market expansion and profitable growth.
Training program structure, developed by Next Step and Values@Work has been proven over past twelve years to deliver real results and up to 300% return on investment within twelve months of implementation.
Facilitation team includes Nordic and Silicon Valley based professionals with many years real-world success in company growth and market expansion.
Multiple modes of training delivery (classroom, web, personal mentoring and on the job application) allow for greatest learning potential – cost effectively and efficiently.
Dedication to clients’ success – we hold ourselves accountable to achieve real results for our clients.

In the Words of Our Clients:

“The greatest failure of Nordic companies is often the executives’ inability to develop and communicate a compelling message to the target market. Next Step’s team understands the criticality of and ways to overcome this challenge. Their approach has enhanced our success with numerous portfolio companies.”

-Bjorn Anderson, Access Venture

“Executives often believe that because their company’s offering is successful within Norway or Europe, the appeal will be just as great in international markets. This can be a dangerous assumption and a painful lesson that many companies have learned at great cost. Next Step’s training programs and consulting services help them avoid these pitfalls – and get things right the first time.”

-Jason Turflinger, AmCham Norway

“I have worked closely with Tone S. Ringstad, Managing Director at Values@Work.for over 20 years. Tone has demonstrated her practical blend of the Hall-Tonna values model with leadership development, management consulting, team development, and brand identity with organizations in the Nordic countries and in the US. As a Strategic Partner with Values Technology and an exemplary member of the global VT community of practitioners, I recommend Tone and her unique knowledge and experience.”

-Brian P Hall, PhD, Founder and CEO of Values Technology Inc,, Santa Cruz

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