Meet sustainability activist Wiebe Wakker. This month he just started the journey of his life. He is traveling from the Netherlands to Australia by electric car in the quest to understand what sustainability really is. There is only one problem. He doesn’t have any money…

During his trip, Wakker intents to make a documentary about sustainability by visiting inspiring people, projects, companies and events. His goal is to find out what sustainability is and to create awareness around this subject. In order to do so he is going to answer three important questions:

“What is sustainability?”
“What means sustainability for me?”
“How can I apply it in my everyday life?”

Wakker will start in the Netherlands and finish in Australia, but between there is no definitive route. Without any money he is completely relying on the energy he receive from people around the world. The countries that he visits and the route of the journey will thus be based on which places he is able to receive energy from.

“To make it to Australia I need your help! Please plug me in with food, a place to sleep or energy for the car. In return for your energy I’ll offer you a Dopper, a sustainable drinking bottle”, he writes on his webpage.

According to his Facebook-page Wakker is currently on day 8 of his journey and has so far visited a bunch of different places in the Netherlands.





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